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TuTuBox is an astonishing third party app store for iOS devices. The developers are working on android version which can be released anytime soon. You can use TuTuBox for all intents and purposes such as downloading apps and games on your iPhone or iPad.

We can see handful of unofficial third party app stores such as TuTuApp, TweakBox, TopStore but TuTuBox seems to be a better one among the crowd.

What Is TuTuBox?

TuTuBox is nothing but an app store for your iOS device where you can find thousands of exclusive apps and games. It has no boundaries when it comes to the availability of different kinds of applications right from utility apps, emulators and games to music apps, video editors to movie apps such as HDO Box, Cinema HD v2 etc.

On the home screen, tutu box will display all the games that other players are playing. It will display the top apps that has got popular downloads and you will see some best app suggestions under “Our Picks”.

Under “Sections” menu, you will see a sub category starting from TuTuBox Apps, Emulators, Jailbreaks, Games and Tweaked Apps.


TuTuBox Features


It is the most reliable installer for iOS and Android devices. It won't ask you any special permissions to add apps and games to your phone.


TuTu Box is a completely safe app store that any android and iOS device can get. All the apps it contains are scanned from threats.

Big Collection Of Apps

It has a huge collection of various apps from emulators, movie apps, games, music apps, utility apps, launchers to everything. You can request new apps too.

No Jailbreak Needed

Even though no jailbreak is required to install tutubox on iOS devices, you can still download apps and games on jailbreak devices too.

Download TuTuBox for iOS Devices [iPhone, iPad]

No jailbreak is required to download tutubox on iPhone and iPad. So, it is completely safe to add this app to your iOS device. Downloading the app requires you go through a challenging phase because, you are not downloading it from the app store.

We have shared a detailed guide to download and install tutubox app on iPhone and iPad. You may check that guide for detailed instructions so that you can stay away from install errors.

If you are not happy with TuTuBox, you can try out TweakDoor on your iPhone and iPad without jailbreak.

Download TuTuBox for Android Phone, Tablet

There are certainly few third party app stores available for android devices but most of the android users are still searching for the better one.

If you are using android phones or tablets, you can try AC Market App on your device. Because, TuTuBox app is not yet developed for android phones and tablet devices.

Check out the informative guide that we have written exclusively for android users to download and install tutubox apk on android devices.

TuTuBox IPA Library

We all know that tutu box can be installed on non jailbroken and jailbroken devices too. But what if you are using a old iOS device? don’t worry, you can now make use of TuTuBox IPA Library.

Make sure that you are using at least iOS 9 or later versions of operating system to avoid issues with IPA installation.

We have provided the iPA files to all your favorite apps in the directory as mentioned above. You can go there and downlod fortnite ipa (for example) and install it using iTunes or Xcode installer.

TuTuBox Legacy (iOS 6)

You must be crazy I guess! yes, the developers of this app store were decided to help all the iOS 6 phones and up to iOS 8 with their favorite apps.

Now you can go to the exclusive section created for you with a bunch of all your favorite apps. There you can see the .plist files of all your favorite retro games, emulators, utility apps, etc.

TuTuBox Support

Looking for the support? don’t worry, we are on social media. Use the social links shared below to join our facebook group, whatsapp group, like and follow our facebook page and instagram handle for regular updates about the app. Otherwise, you can contact us directly to get help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, TuTuBox is completely safe for using on your iOS and Android devices. Till the date, there is no news and no complaint regarding the safety of user information.

TuTu Box team is highly active on social media and every single issue that they got to know will get addressed as soon as they can. As of now, not even a single user reported anything wrong about the app. So, you can trust it.

TuTuBox App adds all popular apps and games to their respective categories from multiple sources. Users can go through the catalogue of apps in the app and they can download any of their favorite app right from TuTu Box App itself.

No need! TuTu Box works on non jailbroken iOS devices without any problems. So, you don't necessarily to carry a jailbroken device.

As of now, there is no paid membership for the app store. So, you can download all the apps and games from it, for free.

Not at all! it will not slow down your iPhone or iPad because the app will not run in the background. It runs only when you open it and download apps from it. So, there is no chances for it to show the impact on performance of your device.

Conclusion - Download TuTuBox for iOS & Android

After using and testing tutubox for several weeks on my iPhone 12, I can confidently say that this is the best and safest app store for iOS devices. There is no android version released into market by far but whenever the developers come with it, we will update this page. Till then, install it on your iPhone or iPad and download revoke-proof apps and games.


The Best Third -Party App Store

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